poxydoo (poxydoo) wrote in exmormon,

I am in need of some advice...

My wife and I have a wonderful little girl of 15 months. She is developing rapidly and is very observant. One of the things that Erin and I were a bit concerned about from the beginning was, of course, how my family's religious views might possibly influence her. We have a good relationship with my family, and in fact, my mom watches our daughter two days a week while we both work... but that's part of the problem. She is there a lot, without us, and she is getting close to an age where she might start picking up on some habits my family has, such as praying and scripture reading, and it might make her curious.

And curiosity is fine, of course. Mormonism is part of my family's life, and we can't keep her from being exposed to it to some degree (and we don't want her to be ignorant about it anyway). But we are concerned...

I'm actually not at all worried about my parents pushing their views on my daughter as she grows up... at least, not intentionally. I feel that they have enough respect for me and my family to try not to interfere with us in that way. However, they certainly aren't going to hide their religion from her, either, and if she asks direct questions, she will probably get direct answers. And I don't want my parents giving the direct answers - I want to give them. To a small child, there is a big difference between being told "God is our father in Heaven who created us all and we worship him," and "Some people believe that there is a big man who lives in the sky," etc. Or if she asks what they are reading and they say The Book of Mormon and she asks what that is... I do not want my parents explaining that one to her.

So, I'm not sure what to do here, and I was hoping there were some of you who raised children amongst Mormon relations and might have some advice about how to keep them informed without being inundated.
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