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Mormon Tolerance lesson

The March issue of the New Era has an interesting article for the Mormon teens about TOLERANCE. I was curious: what such intolerant religion would have to say about the subject. The only more interesting source would be a Westboro Baptist Church publishing a pamphlet on the same subject.
From the beginning, one notices a prominent picture of Jesus with a whip in his hand accompanying the article. OK, so far quite predictable...
Then the quotes:
"Differences in cultural background, language, gender, and facial features fade into insignificance as members lose themselves in service to their beloved Savior." - OK, I get it - if they are members of the church, one is to tolerate them.
The one of the paragraphs warns "Risks of Boundless Tolerance":
"So tolerance, without limit, could lead to spineless permissiveness"!
and :
"the Savior taught us that we
need not tolerate evil. “Jesus went into the
temple of God, . . . and overthrew the tables of
the moneychangers” (Matthew 21:12; see also
Mark 11:15). Though He loves the sinner, the
Lord said that He “cannot look upon sin with
the least degree of allowance” (D&C 1:31).
Real love for the sinner may compel coura-
geous confrontation—not acquiescence!"

OK, I think I got it - if they are members they are OK, but if they are not members and by my assessment sinners, I am to courageously confront them! I guess they want every member to be a self-righteous little Jesus cleaning this Earth from scum sinners.

Nice lesson for Mormon youth, eh?

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