Estella7 (estella7) wrote in exmormon,

Friends of Scouting


Twice a year, our arrogant next-door neighbor comes to the door to ask for money for scouting. I am not a fan of scouting and its connection with the Mormon church. Scouting is anti-gay and anti-atheist and I don't want to support it. I don't mind donating food when the scouts collect but that's all I want to contribute. The scout masters come twice a year looking for funds and their tactics piss me off. It's door-to-door, high pressure and I always wimp out and give them a token $5 so they'll get off my porch and then I'm mad at myself for donating to their discriminating cause.

Last year they came to my door with an autistic boy in our neighborhood and asked if we would support him in scouting. That is such a fucking low-blow. I like this kid. I've been his teacher at the school I work at. It just makes me angry. There are about 10,000 causes I'd rather donate to but always end up giving money to the Boy Scouts. I know I should just tell them no thanks but they manipulate. They know all the right buttons to push and really, I want to keep the peace with my neighbors. I don't want to be seen as the angry ex-Mormon.

Not to mention I have a NO SOLICITING sign on my front door but apparently they feel it doesn't apply to them. 
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