Fallout Kid (falloutkid) wrote in exmormon,
Fallout Kid


Old school peeps up in here might remember that I am a Utah County expatriate. Well, I have something interesting to report.

I am visiting home for a funeral. Grandma passed. More on that in the coming days....

Coming south from Salt Lake City into Provo/Orem, the true spiritual center for Mormonism, there was a HUGE highway sign for www.postmormon.org.

"YOU ARE NOT ALONE!" it read in undeniably large letters, right at the gates of the enemy, situated right after the prison on the eastern side of I-5. I was quite impressed! Go Team Apostate! It has been a hard trip so far, and I was further writing off Utah forever because of.... so many reasons, frankly. However, this totally made my day!

Pics later if I can track them down!


Dig on the link, my friends:

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