Jurek (jurek) wrote in exmormon,

What I would like to witness...

The Mormon church says that they don't mind Gays as long as there is no associated sex. So we all know that this view is really screwed up, but still... I would love to see some Mormon kid declare in the fast and testimony meeting that he (or she) is Gay but decided on chastity. Then I would love to see the ward members squirm when he (or she) hold hands in with their partner, or show appreciation for one another in the sacrament meeting the way other couples do, which is always tolerated and considered cute. I would love to be there to see that.

In a long run such an experience would teach this one ward some tolerance.

There was a similar situation with Blacks in the many (mainly southern) LDS wards, especially after the "revelation" about Blacks getting the "priesthood". I remember one LDS bishop from Florida saying: "We will be delighted to see them in church, but we don't have to have them over to dinner!"
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