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Tribe of... [28 Dec 2007|12:34pm]
A little background info: I was born into a Jewish family, raised Jewish till I was 3 or 4ish and then, because of major problems, I was adopted by a Catholic family that became LDS when I was 11.

My brother efcoh and his GF are visiting from Israel. They were digging for some stuff in a big box of random brochures I keep around for foreign visitors, when efcoh found my patriarchal blessing. He read a few lines, and started laughing almost hysterically. I asked him why, and he answered because it said I was of the tribe of Judah. I said, yeah and then what? He said, that is funny because we are kohanim (descendents of Aaron, brother of Moses) and so we are of the tribe of Levi.

That said, all my adoptive family are of the tribe of Efrayim, but I was declared to be of Judah--and yeah, We learnt in Sunday school that Jews were of Judah! Nice try, Mr. Patriarch!

I just told my adoptive sister abozt this and she said, "Yeah, I realised that two months ago. That was when we sent our resignation in! We sent it in the same day Yuri sent in his mission papers!"
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