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Rats and Rationality (x-post) [12 Dec 2007|02:36pm]
Hey people, this is very general, and some of my thoughts and feelings about the church are outlined in it, but it's more of a general treatise than specifically just about my relationship with mormonism.

Below is the link to my personal journal that has the entry I'm talking about.

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[12 Dec 2007|03:14pm]
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Hi. This is kinda what I have been looking for. Thanks for letting me join

I am Bethany, I was born of Goodly Parents, who love the Lord. (cue sarcastic snicker)

HereCollapse )

I know it was long. Thanks for reading!!

The End.

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[12 Dec 2007|04:46pm]
I grew up mormon. I was bathed in the rhetoric. However I left mormonism when I left home at 17... so there's a lot of the more esoteric dogma which I was never exposed to.

Following is an old cartoon from an anti-mormon group describing mormon theology. Many of you have probably seen it before.

What I wonder is, how much of this is true? Rather, I know most of it is true from my own experiences, so the better question would be which parts aren't true? And is it possible that those teachings you're not aware of are simply reserved for those more trusted?

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LDS Dictionary [12 Dec 2007|06:34pm]
I shared this in a reply to post, but I think it would be fun to post for all to read.

Very funny...takes awhile to read....it is HYSTERICAL!

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