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If it's on the internet, it's anti? [03 Dec 2007|07:05am]
I'm an English Lit major at the University of Utah, I was so shocked at the reaction of my classmates when I had the nerve to suggest that women hold/held keys to the priesthood in the Mormon Church. I was a missionary in Upstate New York and constantly explained (as a missionary) the role of women in the priesthood; namely, they were ordained Elders until the "revelation was clarified" and continue to hold the priesthood to perform annointings in temple ceremonies. Maybe the culture of Upstate New York merited this type of intellectual inquiry (even in the minds of the non-member (cold contacts at doors)), But I would hope that at least a functional knowledge of this fact would reside in the minds of the church's most prominent members!

I produced literature to prove this historical/current fact- AND THE VERY PEOPLE WHO DENIED THE POSSIBILITY, REFUSE TO READ THE PROOF!! I would hope that students of Western Literature would be brave enough to read the depths of their own doctrine. No doubt, they have an unflinching eye for Marquis de Sade's "120 Days of Sodom", but the suggestion that the core of their doctrine, having an objective standpoint, is completely censored in "exploring minds"!

Does anyone have experience with Michael Quinn? My mission president pointed him out to me to clarify some questions I had. He was a professor at BYU, with many published works. Although he was eventually ex'd from the church, a lot of his writings still exist in Mormon literary circles. This was the source I produced for my horrified peers;

http://www.signaturebookslibrary.org/women/chapter17.htm#Woman any insights?
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Thread on Something Awful [03 Dec 2007|02:52pm]
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So, some of you may know about the forums on somethingawful.com. Well, just today a thread showed up about the original poster's single ward's activity. This activity was making temples out of popsicle sticks. Now I don't know why someone would post something like that on a public forum, especially Something Awful. so here's the thread, including everyone making fun of it:


Hopefully you can read it, if you're not a member of SA. Sometimes they restrict it randomly... If you can't see it, just try again tomorrow.

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