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political dilemma/ethical issue.... [26 Nov 2007|05:46pm]

So I have been thinking a lot lately about Mitt Romney and his crazy campaign for president. As I am a devout lefty/green party atheist kind of guy, so I wouldn't vote for that nut regardless as I find his politics and overall creepy demeanor to be nauseating. The issue I am having is whether or not I would or even could vote for a mormon. The realistic side of me says, "run like hell, you know what they are really capable of, don'; fall for the subtle nice overtures and whatever you do, don't drink the cool aid". The other side of me says that I need to look beyond the religion and not vote for him because he is a scumbag, not becuase of his starched holy undies. That rationale points out to me that I have several friends who are mormon, one of whom who I actually WOULD vote for should he run for office -Strange character that one -longer hair, lefty politics, onetime pothead/dealer, indulges in the occasional beer and devout lds returned missionary who may also wear the jesus jammies under his grunge look clothing style. I then look at Harry Reid, Democrat Senator from Nevada (and devout mormon convert) and wonder if I could vote for him (that is if he ever showed more spine and actually stood up to Bush rather than meaningless verbal pot shots).

I want to be able to say that I voted because of the person as a candidate, not because of what he/she does on sunday morning when I am enjoying coffee at the near empty IKEA in SLC during Sacrament hour. That is contrasted by articles that show Romeny receives the majority of his support and funding from Utah County (duh!) -which implies that they are not voting for him as "the true conservative candidate" (Crazy Huckabee would when that arguement hands down every time on sheer lunancy alone), but BECAUSE ol' Mitt is a mormon. Why, I ask, is it o.k. for them to vote in favor of his Mormon dillusions/faith, but wrong for others to even consider voting AGAINST it? It makes my head hurt to contemplate and makes me also wish my friend were still dealing.
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