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just not trying hard enough [01 Sep 2007|12:21pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I figured that at some point someone would give me a hard time about questioning Mormon canon, but it was still with a little surprise that I found the comment (so long it had to written in two seperate comments) telling me all the reasons why I had actually questioned Joseph Smith. I was under the impression that it was because I had read convincing evidence that he had not translated either the Book of Abraham or the Book of Mormon, but apparently it was actually because I had 'an obvious lack' of 'spiritual work' and had failed to ever gain a real testimony in the first place. No wonder I was so easily swayed! I was advised that it was my logic that was troubled by all this evidence, and that my (albeit barely existent) testimony didn't need to be. After all, that's just not how the scriptures are proved true. [/sarcasm]

Her conclusion:
"Bottom line, if this crap is really shaking your credence in these fundamentals, then you really never had them to begin with. And you know what? That's actually *very cool*- don't let people make ya feel bad about it. But it's also not a free ticket away from Spiritual Work- you have an obvious lack- don't just throw your hands in the air and go "gee, I feel uncertain and I'm really am convinced these things aren't true." Poppycock. You just don't know- one way or another. And that's fine. Go find out: study what's IN those books and (yes, 'official') church histories - then think about the content- and then go and earn your revelation with prayer."

My reply was long, but it covered a lot of ground, so at least the next time someone sends me similar presumptuous crap I can just link them.

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