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"Children 'made to eat raw chilli'" [17 Apr 2007|04:41pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

"Children 'made to eat raw chilli'".

The story itself is interesting - it reminds me that where there is a Mormon church there is usually a story of abuse - but I have some problems with the way it was written.

First of all, it talks about Mormon temples (plural). I very much doubt this is the case, as the nearest one (London) is in East Grinstead and the Preston Temple is not 1. very close at all and 2. was not opened until two years after the start of the offences. Also, I was not terribly old (i.e. old enough to hold a full reccomend) myself when I left but I'm guessing that temples don't have regular sunday services. Of course, the children mentioned wouldn't have been old enough to hold full recommends either so I suspect this is also a claim to be treated with a pinch of salt.

I suspect that the male child who was "gagged, tied to a bed and covered with a sheet" was so treated because he was masterbating or the people involved believed he might (this is pure speculation - the article does not mention it). Tying someone to a bed is a technique advocated by the Church's offical advice on Masturbation after all.

The scary thing is that the one of the accused claims that "her motives were Christian". Based on Mormon principals I suspect she really believes that they were.

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[17 Apr 2007|09:44pm]
Well. Mitty's got a MySpace.

Mitt Romney on MySpace
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