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Missionary visit.. [09 Feb 2007|04:19pm]
Less than 5 minutes ago I had my first missionary drop-by since moving to Utah. I am sitting here utterly amazed at how polite and civil I was to them! No hose, no cursing, I didn't offer them a beer or anything. Nice kids actually, (goofy white guy and one BIG Samoan), but have to say, they were scared to death of Jezebel (LINK): http://www.puppydogweb.com/gallery/akbashdogs/akbashdog_taylor.jpg

"Blah blah blah eternal family..."

"Actually guys, I grew up LDS out of state and am no lnger a member"

"Is it a thing with jesus christ?"

"Yep, just not my thing"

"Can I ask you to pray about it?"

"Well, still not my thing"

Smiles, smiles, thanks, even extended a handshake to them and wished them well.

Funny thing is, I'd just had a beer, and when the doorbell rang, I was sitting in the living room reading "Blood of the Prophets: Brigham Young and the Mountain Meadows Massacre".

Now is that timing or what?
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