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Ex-Mormon Community's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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Such a ridiculous religion - how do you explain it to others? [07 Feb 2007|09:48pm]
[ mood | restless ]

I hang around in a number of IRC channels and am the only person in most of them who has ever had any sustained contact with the Mormon "religion" (and I don't hide that fact), so people often come to me with queries.

Here's an exchange that took place the other day and made me realise that it's such a ridiculous religion that it's virtually impossible to explain its kinks to outsiders. It honestly makes me wonder how people believe this stuff. When you say it in all seriousness to anyone else it's laughable. Luckily my friends are pretty down to earth :) I'm "Trapper".

21:36 < InsomniaCity> Trapper: I saw someone at work with caffeine-free coke..
21:37 < InsomniaCity> a) I thought that had disappeared?
21:37 < InsomniaCity> b) Are they a Mormon?
21:37 < Trapper> a) no it hasn't
21:37 < Trapper> and b) it's possible
21:37 < Trapper> ;)
21:37 < InsomniaCity> hehe
21:38 < Trapper> if you get close look to see if they look like they wear a tshirt under their shirt
21:38 < Trapper> then it;s more likely
21:39 < InsomniaCity> :o
21:39 < InsomniaCity> whys that then?
21:39 < Trapper> garments
21:39 < Trapper> (magic underwear)
21:39 < InsomniaCity> :O
21:40 < Trapper> http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=mormon+garments&btnG=Google+Search <-- InsomniaCity
21:40 < Trapper> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_garment
21:40 < Trapper> some really devout mormons even have sex while wearing them
21:40 < Oziris> Trapper: o.O
21:41 < Trapper> Oziris: seriously
21:41 < Trapper> you couldn't make this shit up
21:42 < ka> sure you can, look at scientology! :P
21:42 < Oziris> lol
21:42 < Oziris> when tom cruis is your prophet... you know youre dommed
21:43 < Oziris> [seriously he claims to be a prophet for scientology r summin]
21:44 < ka> sham religions ++

With wacky stuff like "Magic Underwear" and the polygamy in heaven I sometimes wonder at how they ever managed to get as many members they have...

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