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My Mormon missionary memoir is available to pre-order [16 Jun 2015|02:43pm]

The community here at LJ seems to be pretty dead, but I thought I'd post anyway to let everyone know that my memoir The Accidental Terrorist will be out this fall.

Revised and expanded from my podcast, it tells the story of how I was expelled from Canada for terrorism as a young missionary.

I'm taking pre-orders now for a signed hardcover edition that will ship at least a month before the retail version hits shelves. And when you buy, you can also create and display your own custom missionary name tag to show your true colors!

I hope you'll pre-grab a copy. I'd love to sign and send you one.

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mormonads strike again [27 Dec 2013|09:16pm]

So, for some random reason I was looking for a mormonad image and stumbled upon a new(ish) archive

And I stumbled on this one.

the hands over the ears, the eyes and the mouth.. yup, that's about what it takes to be mormon and stay mormon.  
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[08 Dec 2012|11:49am]


Well. There's that.
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[14 Jul 2012|06:54pm]

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Mormon hate [13 Jun 2012|03:58pm]

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more on gay mormons [09 Jun 2012|03:33pm]

Well, mormons' views on gays is part of what made me question the church.. "Wait! I KNOW some gay people, and they're AWESOME! WTF!!!!" 

Anyway.. so I guess that's one of my main focuses here.. 

Apparently a famous mormon blogger came out of the closet, and still swears he's a devout mormon.  While I don't understand the latter part, it makes me SO HAPPY that so many of those mormons are ok with it (via the comments.  

The Weed: Club Unicorn: In which I come out of the closet on our ten year anniversary

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[25 May 2012|02:42am]


I rolled on the floor for this one. I really did.

I'd be willing to bet money the principal was true-blue Mormon.

Compared to what the girls at my girls' high school wear, she's positively dowdy.
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Being Gay at BYU [06 Apr 2012|06:39pm]

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Colbert proxy circumcises dead Mormons [26 Feb 2012|11:15pm]

My awesome boyfriend sent me this link.  

You probably saw recently how the mormons are (still) baptizing holocaust victims, even though they've promised time and time again to stop (What! They just keep showing up in the database!  Mormon officials are NOT responsible for who their members posthumously baptize by proxy!!!) 

Anyway, this is awesome.  Enjoy. 

Colbert proxy circumcises dead Mormons

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Playelder: Apples, Onions and Iron Maiden [06 Nov 2011|02:31pm]

[Crossposted to my LJ]

It’s been quite a while since I last posted a Playelder story, and the community has been a little slow lately, so I thought I’d continue my Playelder restoration project. (Some background on Playelder may be found here.) In tonight’s episode, Playelder relives his first encounter with…[dramatic organ chord] Satanic music!

(As before, I have cleaned up the formatting and spelling, and have added footnotes for the benefit of those blissfully ignorant of what goes on behind the Zion Curtain, but have left the essence untouched.)

Apples, Onions and Iron Maiden

Posted by Playelder on December 15, 1998 at 14:17:00

I have nothing constructive, intelligent, or well thought out to add here. Just a stupid story.

As a child it was always a source of extreme embarrassment that I was an expert on music. And not the cool kind that my ultra-chic and -hip friends listened to. No, unfortunately I was an expert on the Golden Oldies and all that Happy Days sock-hop stuff that makes your parents get that wistful look in their eyes as they long to recapture the days of their carefree youth before you ever came along, a twisted wretched result of one night at Inspiration Point in their dad’s ’57 Chevy. And he wasn’t pissed at them so much as because of what they did together, but what they did to the shocks in the Chevy as they did what they did together. Whenever they got that look, I knew that it was time to jet that joint lest I see the dancing, snuggling, necking, petting, and conception of yet another sibling.

My parents had an extremely large collection of their “real music” and I was subjected to it at such a regular basis that I might as well have been raised at Arnold’s. Except there was no cool guy like The Fonz there to teach me how to score on chicks. I knew every song from the golden age of rock and roll and who sung it. I could, and did, sing along to every one of those K-Tel and Ronco Records Presents ads. Buddy Holly, Chubby Checker, Elvis the King, and the older stuff like Patti Paige and Jerry Vail. Let’s not even get into Glenn Miller and Spike and his orchestra. I’m having wicked flashbacks that would rival those of any Vietnam vet.

Continued behind the cut…Collapse )
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With 'I'm a Mormon' campaign, church counters lily-white image [02 Nov 2011|01:31pm]

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Facebook? [30 Oct 2011|01:34pm]

It got so quiet here... is there a Facebook community for ex-Mormons that is taking over?
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National monument to Mormon misdeeds [12 Sep 2011|01:23pm]

I was glad to read this:


Hopefully one day there will be a monument erected to the victims of the Mormon church intollerance in their work on Prop.8. I am sure that a representative from the church will be there and say how sorry he is for what the Church did in the early 21st century and how this tragedy "tags at his heartstrings..." etc, etc...
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Betrayal! [09 Aug 2011|07:15am]

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Polygamy in Utah is doing well! [18 Jul 2011|11:37am]

 During my recent visit to Utah, I could not resist trying Polygamy. It was great and available everywhere.
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Reason # 10,370 that the LDS church is ridic. [10 Jul 2011|04:39pm]


A recent article from LDS children's magazine, Friend.

Hannah’s New Dress

By Tamra S. Arthur

(Based on a true story)

My body is the temple my Father gave to me (Children’s Songbook, 153).

Four-year-old Hannah’s eyes popped open. Today was zoo day! She jumped out of bed.

“I’m ready,” she called.

“Ready for what?” Mom asked.

“Ready for the zoo!”

“Go look in the kitchen first,” Mom said.

Hannah hurried to the kitchen. There was an empty bowl on the table. Then Hannah remembered. Breakfast came before the zoo.

After Hannah ate, she handed Mom her bowl. “I’m ready now.”

“I don’t think so,” Mom said. “Go look in the mirror.”

Hannah ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Her hair was tangled, and she had a big white milk mustache. Hannah grabbed a cloth and washed her face. Then she brushed her teeth and combed her hair.

“Now I’m ready,” she called.

“Not yet,” Mom said. “Look in your bedroom for something Grandma sent you!”

Hannah ran to her room. A new dress was on her bed. It was white with red cherries on it. Red was her favorite color. But Hannah frowned.

“It doesn’t have any sleeves,” she said.

Mom went to Hannah’s closet. She pulled out a bright red T-shirt that matched the bright red cherries.

“You can wear this under the dress,” Mom said. “Then it will be modest.”

Hannah quickly put the T-shirt on and then the dress.

“Now I am ready to go to the zoo!”

“Yes,” Mom said and smiled. “Now you are ready.”

Official Web site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
© 2011 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Seeking Participants for Study on Religious Disaffiliation [30 Jun 2011|01:14pm]
Hello! My name is Nadia and I'm an undergraduate student at UCLA conducting narrative and linguistic analysis and basic research on religious disaffiliation in the Salt Lake City area. I'm currently looking to interview individuals that meet the following criteria: 

1. Are female and between the ages of 18 and 30. 
2. Grew up in the state of Utah. 
3. Have left the LDS (either officially or by just choosing to not attend church or socialize within the community). 
4. Are potentially willing to meet more than once for about an hour each time in your private place of choice. 

I have a long personal history with Salt Lake City that has inspired an interest in how story-telling factors into personal reconstruction. Surprisingly, very little research exists that concentrates on waning religiosity in the United States, in particular Christianity, and what little is available emphasizes males and falls under the sociological umbrella, mainly utilizing survey techniques rather than person-centered interviews. Having had several friends fall away from Mormonism and other branches of Christianity over the years in addition to the text-based research I have done, there seems to be a need for this gap to be filled in, as well as for mainstream Mormonism to be explored more systematically. My hope is that in doing so, the research will provide a basis for assisting future questioners that may not have access to direct social support beyond whatever counter-culture that exists within the given environment. 

Over the course of July and part of August of this year, I'd be asking you about our personal history and your perceptions of the LDS, the state, and how you see yourself in relation to all of these. There would be no monetary compensation for participating in this study, but I will be able to trade other services (errand-running, cleaning, childcare, tutoring, etc) and pay for refreshments during the interviews. 

If you have any interest in the project (or know of anyone you believe might be), please contact me via email with any questions or requests you might have at:

nk1987 (at) ucla (dot) edu

Thank you for your time and consideration! I won't inundate the community with any more posts regarding this project. I just figured it was worth a shot. 
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Another relevent Postsecret: [19 Jun 2011|11:06am]


I can't decide whether to be cynical, or give this person the benefit of the doubt. Because I'm sure we all know Mormons who think they think for themselves...
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Mormon prophet says: body-piercers will go to hell!! [04 Jun 2011|05:24pm]

 Check it out - what a height of self-righteousness and silliness (they usually go hand-in-hand). He, as an Apostle, has a title of "prophet, seer and revelator":

Especially note the last statement - when the end of the world comes he think it is his "team" that will win!
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An added bonus! [26 Mar 2011|11:22am]


I came across this quite by accident and became instantly intrigued and amused. And, lucky me, my local eccentric video rental store has it on DVD!! I can't wait to see it.
Apparently it's based on a book, and was also remade in 2005. I want to see/read it all.
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