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Ex-Mormon Community
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This is a community for anyone who has repudiated, been thrown out of, or just slunk quietly away from Mormonism. If you're looking for support in your apostasy, or simply want to shoot the breeze with folks who know where you're coming from, this is the right place.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This community is geared specifically toward recovery from Mormonism, not to the promotion of replacement faiths. Attempts to proselytize community members into other faiths are neither appropriate nor welcome here. If you need further clarification, please see one community member's eloquent post on the subject.

This is a moderated membership community for many reasons. Most requests to join will be approved, but if you are a member of mormon (or similar communities), chances are you won't be approved. If there is a special case, email chai_tease @ gmail.com and things will be considered.



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