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more on gay mormons

Well, mormons' views on gays is part of what made me question the church.. "Wait! I KNOW some gay people, and they're AWESOME! WTF!!!!" 

Anyway.. so I guess that's one of my main focuses here.. 

Apparently a famous mormon blogger came out of the closet, and still swears he's a devout mormon.  While I don't understand the latter part, it makes me SO HAPPY that so many of those mormons are ok with it (via the comments.  

The Weed: Club Unicorn: In which I come out of the closet on our ten year anniversary

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they're happy with it because he's married to a woman, has three kids and doesn't sleep with men.
Exactly. I barfed when my prop 8 supporting sister gleefully posted this.
Yep. Exactly. If he decided to act on what felt right to him, and have sex with men and leave his wife, or had he not ever married a woman and pursued relationships with me, it would be entirely different.

The LDS church does not declare that having sexual feelings toward the same sex doesn't exist, they simply say that acting on it is wrong. He's following the rules, of course they embrace him. He's their poster child.
he's doing what feels right to him - he's following "god's word" or whatever. I mourn to see him sacrifice his sexual preference for his cult's imaginary friend, but hey - to each their own.

Also - I don't know.. I think even 10 years ago the church probably would have required him to get electro-shock therapy for being gay (from what I understand that was their standard practice). Baby steps are still steps.

(sorry for the double post - I hit send before I remembered what else I had to say :-))
I disagree. Because I feel so strongly that all religion is wrong and, frankly, fake, I cannot believe that things ever feel "right" when they go against basic human urges. Sex is an urge, so I do not believe it ever feels "right" to deny that urge. It may feel encouraging to be obedient or whatever bullshit, but I do not believe that he wakes up every morning feel awesome that he's choosing to have sex with a person he's not attracted to and that he's choking down the draw to pursue relationships with men.

I do not think electro-shock therapy was ever a "standard practice." I do know that it happened, I do know that some bishops and other leadership suggested it and that some people were subjected to it. But given that finding a provider to even administer such a thing would have been nearly impossible outside of Utah or other Mormon-dense areas(of which there are not many) I doubt it was ever 'standard.'
He's the living embodiment of what Orson Scott Card advocates in his homophobic screeds: deny your sexuality and toe the party line, because God doesn't want you to be who you are.
he's not denying his sexuality. In fact, according to the post, he's very sexual. he's just not acting on his preference.

I think it's lame he can't be gay and mormon, but that's another issue. I'm just impressed that NOT EVERYBODY in the church is condemning him, even though the higher ups will.
He absolutely IS denying his sexuality. He wants to have sex with men. He is refusing to do so. He is denying his sexuality. Sexuality is not just a declaration, its also a practice. Yes, there is more to being gay than having sex with a person of the same sex, but there is also more to it than just saying, "I'm gay," and calling it a day.
This makes me so sad for both the guy and his wife. Do not believe for a second they are anywhere near as happy as he tells the internet they are.