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It got so quiet here... is there a Facebook community for ex-Mormons that is taking over?
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Ex-Mormons Worldwide, but it's not new.
I'm still here. I think the Mos are keeping quiet, given their star player's trying to run for president and all.

Although one thing I saw this week kinda creeped me out: I was wandering through Build-a-Bear Workshop's website and found a "missionary's outfit" complete with miniature Book of Mormon.
I gotta admit, I got one of these when my high school sweetheart left on a mission... What can I say, I was 17 and still VERY mormon!
There is a very active exmo subreddit on reddit. www.reddit.com/r/exmormon Good times!
Sorry but I've ben sucked into the car crash that is That Wife.

The latest drama here:


and of course here:


I could weep for her poor child, I really could.
My God. It's a train wreck. Thank you, I think. ;-)
I'm here. Investing my energy in other facets of my life right now, though.