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Mormon Porn

not long ago i learned that Utah is ranked #1 in online porn subscriptions.  all obvious jokes aside, this is a telling statistic.  so i think to myself, self, if you were in the porn business, it would be smart to create Mormon themed porn.  i'm sure there'd be a landslide of income from something like that, and i'm a dirty minded bastard so...

what do i do?  i do a Google search for "Mormon Porn".  because, hey, maybe the market has already been discovered.

guess what i found?


you've really got to read this.  typical drivel in most ways, but the central point being made is that this individual considers sites (like this!) that are ex-mormon or anti-mormon to be Mormon porn.  it's ridiculous.  in fact, it's redonkulous.

consider this gem of an excerpt:

"Looking at Anti-Mormon websites is kind of like looking at porn. (Not that I've ever looked at porn...) It can get just as addictive and all the while you have this really disgusted look on your face and feel so sorry for all the people involved. I've read people's stories on how they left the church after 40 years, how the temple ceremony was terrifying, how Mormons can't be Christians, why Mormons are wrong, how spouses cheated, and tons of other material. I just kept delving deeper and all the while just feeling so sad that nothing anyone will say to them will ever change their thoughts. Because now, they are so far into it, that turning around and coming back out would be a blow to their self-esteem. So they keep trying to disprove our religion, hurt our feelings by putting all their effort into silly videos, twisting all our beliefs, practices, and values around to make us seem like cultish followers.

"I guess here's my response to all those who left the church, or never really looked into our faith, and continue to bad-mouth and ridicule us:

"To those who left, I notice a theme in your stories. Something bad happened, a divorce, a death, and left you in question. Or you went to the temple, or heard a story about something Mormons believe, and were taken aback when you found out the truth. Learning something new is always hard."

anyway, some entertainment for your consideration.
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